Adobe 2062

One eye on the grind.
The other on the stars.

A fully realized proof-of-product to propel a new publishing app.

Showcasing a New Platform

Karass collaborated with Adobe to create a brand to help usher in their new product, Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, which allows marketers and designers to create and publish engaging mobile app experiences.

We went all-in, creating a logo, brand identity system, and engaging photography (shot in our studio) to bring the visionary coffee brand to life. With a wink to Seattle, we based the brand direction on a coffee company that looks to the future (space travel) with a dash of nostalgia (1962 Seattle World’s Fair).

A Brand for the Future

The logo is synchronously a coffee cup, the surface of a moon, and the view through a porthole. The photography is clean, using coffee implements to imply space and galaxies. The primary colors are black and white with a vibrant pop of pink—the overall textures are inspired by a spacecraft.

Laying the Gridwork

The publishing tool uses a simple grid and gutter system, and a horizontal swipe between pages. Our challenge was to use transparency, borders, and cell-to-cell interactions to alternately expose and hide the underlying grid.

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