Read beyond the lines.

A smart brand ecosystem that cleverly decodes a smart B2B company’s complex story.

A New Visual System

When the experts in intelligent systems, Bsquare, wanted to revamp their brand, they called Karass, the experts in intelligent design. We rebooted their image with an A-to-Z brand refresh, where the logo, website, and print collateral/visuals join together in an engaging ecosystem. Building a design kit that deciphers complexity in a compelling way—to clients and beyond.

The rebooted brand is punctuated by a dot. Soaring above a graph, the dot pinpoints Bsquare’s expertise in extracting the essential from lines of data. This “anomaly dot”, custom-built for Bsquare, symbolizes their skills in effectively analyzing scores of information. Like the 0’s and 1’s of binary code, the seemingly simple dot takes on a whole new meaning in our keen visual system.

Intelligent Design

We used the anomaly dot and bar graph as building blocks for a fully integrated brand system. In the modernized company logo, the dot is an exclamation point at the tail end of the “Q” while we expanded and tilted the dot as a backdrop for the solo “B” logo.

We put a light grey bar graph in the letterhead background to energize each correspondence. When rotated sideways on the business cards, the bar graph dynamically pulsates forward. Across the board, we updated the color palette with clean, contemporary greys and oranges, an accent of green and upgraded the typography.

A Toolkit for Storytelling

Bsquare needed a concise way to explain their intricate technology to their clients. Our solution? A system of inventive, yet simple, illustrations. We created a kit of parts constructed from their core elements, a visual toolbox for crafting infographic stories that are compelling and easy to understand. Bringing clarity to the complex through clever design.

Our design ecosystems intelligently interface your brand with the world. Plug into a product launch or see how our brand identities got game.