The community
behind the curtain.

Some would call us Problem Solvers. We like to call ourselves Collaborative Solutioneers.

Ariel Martin

pragmatic princess
of possibility

Builds and nurtures relationships. Leads strategy and guides interactive initiatives, balancing artistic and client perspective. Clearly communicates expectations, nurturing collaborative joy in every process, every project. Offers more than 15 years experience in online and offline marketing. Loves the sea.

(Bob)Eric Ainley

mythical musician,
creative technologist

Translates motives into emotional motion. Writes extremely functional/flexible code, in myriad mind sets. Masters the latest tools before most people know they exist. Restores old pianos. Rolls his own.

Robert Baxter

dignitary of design

Conjures and creates functional visual systems that are easy on the eyes. Maps complex systems and commands fine-point, expensive pens. Maker and tinkerer extraordinaire.

Jen Southwell

the velvet hammer

Herds creatives, strategists, developers, clients and cats all at one time. She’ll drive the team and clients to ensure Karass delivers on time, on scope and on budget. She’s been deep in the weeds in projects as well as the head of digital Project Management teams for over a decade. Loves the water and not drowning.

Nick Penney

motion maestro,
admiral of animation

Designs in both two and three dimensions, but may prefer the third. Comfortable concepting, creating, or composing – no matter the subject matter. An animating, motion-graphicsing, rollerblading Renaissance man with a Casiotone plan.

Bobby Biskupiak

brand poobah,
creative champion

Delivers captivating creative by nimbly bouncing between design mediums. Champions collaboration and propels ideas into new heights with a boundless enthusiasm. Born in Big Sky Country. Never leaves home without his . Shoots for thrills.