Microsoft Envisioning

A conversation between people and place.

Innovatively designed demos that bring immersive experiences to life.

Microsoft’s Home of the Future display is a state-of-the-art, invitation only experience on their main campus designed to showcase their philosophy on technology’s role in the future. Karass worked with the Strategic Prototyping and Envisioning Teams to create a series of product concepts for the Home. Using rapid prototyping, we defined and refined dimensional navigation systems and built on gorgeous, future-forward design aesthetics. Our animation style was as intuitive as it was inspiring.

A Kitchen for Tomorrow

We combined an informative yet simple UX system and a visually engaging, information-rich data visualization to deliver a demo that presents a futuristic approach to making dinner. We created a voice-activated video wall for a collaborative user experience.

A Pop-up Shop for the Day After Tomorrow

We created a “space-plankton” look and feel based on phosphorescence—the magical, natural wonder that makes the sea shine —and the overview effect—the awe-inspiring view of earth from space.

This was the core of our information-rich navigation system for purchasing a toy, whose features could be explored on a touch-enabled tabletop display that incorporated semantic zoom.

We worked with the Microsoft retail team to tell an integrated, interactive story about Microsoft’s offerings in a clean, brand-friendly, touch screen demo.

We rev up immersive experiences. Want to take a spin? Do a lap around our custom media tool or hit cruise control and watch our engaging videos.