Changing the way we look at cancer care.

A patient-focused website for a pioneer in cancer care.

Immunotherapy at SCCA

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance wanted to present its groundbreaking immunotherapy research on a stand-alone site—one that put a spotlight on its world-class science while translating it in an accessible way. Karass closely collaborated with SCCA to create a microsite worthy of their merit. To make the site more patient focused, we incorporated captivating photos, informative videos, and easy-to-understand illustrations and copy. Creating an engaging story for users to scroll through at their own pace, empowering them to make smarter choices in cancer care.

Innovation Illustrated

To help patients have a clearer understanding of immunotherapy, we drew user-friendly illustrations to distill the complex science into digestible chunks. Intermingled with this cellular iconography, inspirational photos and videos of patients and doctors highlight the humans that care, and are cared for, at SCCA.

Building a Better Future

Springing from the success of the immunotherapy microsite, Karass is going macro with a 2-year overhaul of the entire SCCA site. Using our hands-on, in-depth research, we’re analyzing each entity from head to toe with focus groups, UX studies, market research, and strategy work. Gathering scores of data to smartly power a 100% patient-focused site set to launch in Fall 2020.

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