An education in empathy.

A knowledge base that equips medical professionals with communication tools to handle tough conversations.

VitalTalk is An organization committed to training clinicians on how to have difficult end of life conversations. As champions of communication skills, VitalTalk uses a combination of online resources and in-person workshops that empower doctors to be effective and empathetic communicators. Their brand embodies connection, clarity, and professionalism, with largely photographic imagery that emphasizes the human element of their work.

The Website

VitalTalk’s new website was designed to solve the challenge of welcoming their diverse audiences in one cohesive environment. Clinicians looking to develop their skills can directly access a vast collection of resources. Prospective teachers can learn how to obtain specialized training while graduate teachers can explore how to train their fellow colleagues. Larger institutions can have VitalTalk set up customizable educational programs for their health care system.

Speaking to each of these groups required a site that had a clear audience breakdown (allowing for simple self-selection) and succinct, direct calls to action throughout. Each page details one facet of VitalTalk’s offerings and provides next steps for visitors to learn more or engage further.

Discussion Topics & Videos

Each discussion topic is broken up into a series of digestible video tutorials. These explain the concepts, showcase learning goals, and demonstrate example dialogues. The topic is further paired with a straightforward, quick guide that walks a clinician through the basic steps of the technique. When they are ready to take a more hands-on approach, they can sign up to take an in-person VitalTalk course.

WordPress Backend

The site is managed through a customized build of WordPress allowing for quick and easy access for updates. Each article is composed of a series of content types, which can be mixed and matched to optimize messaging fluidly and dynamically. Calls to action can also be hot-swapped so that follow through can be gauged and developed for the most efficient user engagement.

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